Do your kids…

~Throw temper tantrums?
~Refuse to eat?
~Resist going to bed?
~Talk back?

Call this number: 877-772-4210

For Parents with Teens…

~Are they disrespecting you?
~Skipping school?
~Have their grades dropped?
~Are they sneaking out at night?

Call Harold Haven Boggs, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) for support right now.  The first call is free.

Call this number: 877-772-4210

Harold will give you proven parenting methods that help you connect with your child AND turn around your child’s behavior and willingness to cooperate!

With these skills (which are easy to learn) your relationship with your child will become a whole lot CLOSER, easier, more effective, and more fun!

No one is given a parenting handbook when their kids are born.  You can have your own coach and mentor who can teach you how to work with each of your children’s individual styles and needs … Harold Haven Boggs has over 25 years of counseling experience helping single-parents or couples, including blended families.

He has heard everything you can imagine (at least twice!). Mr. Boggs is caring, compassionate, and can help you with whatever challenge  you’re facing.

Call for your confidential phone-counseling appointment now: 877-772-4210

Mr. Boggs also offers confidential Skype counseling  (or coaching for out-of-state clients). Email him at:

The first call is free.

Get Help Now By Calling: 877-772-4210

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