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Family Therapy Haven can help! ~ Are you looking for marriage or relationship help?
~ Are you not sure what to do next, and looking for answers?
~ Are you doubting yourself and your intuition?

You can get help right now!

Call Harold Haven Boggs, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Texas) The first call is free.  You don’t have to go through this alone.

Call toll-free: 877-772-4210

Or if you prefer, email and schedule a time convenient to you:

I know how stressful marriage problems can be.  After more than 25 years of helping couples, I have seen every marriage and relationship challenge imaginable (at least twice) and I have helped couples overcome the most difficult of situations.

Whether you’re looking to save your marriage or determine if you SHOULD stay in your marriage, I can help you with the proper perspectives and the skills you need.

I am honored that so many couples have chosen me for help with their marriage.  If you’re facing challenges and you don’t know what’s next, or if you’re not sure which path is the correct choice for you, rest assured that I can help you.

If your relationship or marriage is struggling, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Most couples looking for marriage counseling simply haven’t been given the proper tools for dealing with the stresses of marriage.  Divorce comes from a lack of skill-sets for how to deal with difficult circumstances.  You can learn the skills you need. Let me help you sort the reasonable from the unreasonable.

Here are the warning signs that your relationship could be in trouble:

  • You feel like you’ve “fallen out of love” — the spark is gone.
  • You wonder what happened to the passion?
  • You don’t feel respected.
  • You experience high levels of tension between you and your spouse.
  • Your spouse doesn’t listen.
  • You’re fighting more than usual
  • (OR you don’t care enough to fight).
  • Your sex life has dwindled or become mechanical.
  • Your kids are causing stress in the marriage.
  • You feel lonely.
  • You feel controlled.
  • You feel betrayed.
  • You feel depressed.
  • You feel scared that your marriage won’t make it.
  • You suspect that your spouse is cheating.
  • You are afraid of your spouse.

If you have experienced any of these, phone-coaching can help!


You don’t have to live in the area, you don’t have to drive to an office, you don’t have to meet face-to-face.  Haven offers online counseling (in Texas)  and phone-coaching with couples all over the world:   confidential, comfortable, convenient, highly effective, and you can get help right away.

Phone-coaching will give you the proven methods, communication strategies, and emotional tools you need to know what to do next in your relationship.

With Phone-Coaching (or online counseling in Texas) You Will Learn:


  • How to deal with money problems.
  • How to get your spouse to listen and be more understanding.
  • How to get your spouse to open up and talk more.
  • How to create a more loving connection with your spouse.
  • Proven communication methods so you can talk on deep and meaningful levels.
  • How to re-ignite the passion.
  • How to get more appreciation.
  • What to do next if you think your spouse is cheating.
  • Proven methods for dealing with stress.
  • How to figure out whether or not to end the relationship.
  • How to get back on track beginning today!

With these skills (which are easy to learn) your relationship will become a whole lot easier, more intimate, more fulfilling, and more fun!

You don’t have to go through this alone… Haven Boggs has over 25 years of coaching/counseling experience helping couples and individuals just like you.

He has heard everything you can imagine (at least twice!). He is “un-shockable”, caring, compassionate, and can help you with whatever circumstance you’re facing.

Harold has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Portland State University and holds two licenses in Texas: LMFT, LCDC.

Email to set up your confidential phone coaching appointment now:

Mr. Boggs also offers confidential online counseling (or coaching for out-of-state clients). Email him here:

The first call is free.  Let’s begin.

Get Help Now By Calling: 877-772-4210

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